The organic sector is continuously growing due to an increasing demand for better products with healthier nutritional content and the will to safeguard the planet and human health. The ORGANIC sector directly comes from the primary one (agriculture and farming), which is deeply connected to the planet. Nowadays it is widely used also in the product processing industry. All the sectors that use organic products will be subjected to specific authorization and control processes by the European Union laws.
In fact, natural supplements must be:
– made of (medicinal) plants that come from organic farming.
– derived from a plant that has been processed by a certified organic factory, during the process of desiccation and production of the dry extract.
– transformed into a food supplement, composed of one or more plant, from a certified organic factory.
Fitoben is:
Marchio bio Fitoben  – an organic factory certified by the CCPB, a monitoring and certification body, with the code IT BIO 009
 – with the approval of the CCPB we are allowed to use the organic community logo with the euro-leaf on the label, the green leaf with 12 stars that identifies European organic products. This logo is a guarantee to the consumer that the supplement has at least 95% of organic ingredients and that it is in line with the standards set by the regulations of the sector

The choice of Fitoben to produce organic supplements is in line with our willingness to be more mindful of Nature, but always providing physical and mental balance. For this reason, Fitoben harmonizes its tradition of producing with the organic message that means:
– on the one hand, the choice of working with standardized dry extracts that indicate a pure concentration of the active principle that maintains all the characteristics of its Phyto-complex and a standardized quality. 
– on the other, the choice of working, always with standardized dry extracts, but organic.


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