The bone is an alive tissue that destroys and regenerates itself repeatedly. When the process of destruction of the bone is higher than those of reconstruction, with a consequent decreased bone mass and a degradation  of the structure of the bone tissue, you can develop osteoporosis. This process leads to an increased weakness of the bones and risk of fractures.

The incidence of osteoporosis is higher in people over the age of 50 and, in particular, in women in menopause  and post menopause, but it is also present in both sexes over the age of 70.

The prevention of osteoporosis and of brittle bones occurs by taking the correct dose of Vitamin D, with food, sun exposure and, eventually, taking supplements. Another way to prevent it, is by consuming enough calcium  and Vitamin K and, also, keeping a healthy diet.

In order to maintain the bones healthy, it is also important to take physical exercise to solicit the skeleton (for example, walking, running, dancing and tone the body).  



Osteoporosis: bones and calcium

KD Osteo, natural remedy for osteoporosis with natural Vitamin D3, natural Vitamin K2, boron and horsetail.
The active ingredients contained prevent osteoporosis, act against bone loss and skeletal fragility. They contribute to the maintenance of normal bones, normal absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus, and normal levels of calcium in the blood. Vitamin D also contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

For men and women in pre/post and menopause and all subjects at risk, also suitable for teenagers<.
1 capsule a day provides 2000 international units of Vitamin D3, 100% of the ministerial dosage

The vitamin D and the vitamin K contribute to the maintenance of normal bones. Vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus and to normal levels of calcium in the blood.

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Menopause, before and after

Natural remedy against menopause problems. The active principles in Menomin, natural supplement, help to reduce menopause problems and to alleviate the consequences such as nervousness, mood swings, mineral loss, tiredness and hot flashes.

Wild Yam and Soy to contrast menopause problems. Hops and Hawthorn to facilitate relax and mental wellbeing. Horsetail is re-mineralizing.