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Red grape (Vite rossa)

Red grape (Vite rossa)

The leaves, rich in polyphenols and the seeds, rich in proanthocyanidins, also called leucocyanidins, are the parts of the red grape used in phytotherapy.  
This plant has a valid protective effect on blood vessels and capillary. It acts against the oxidizers of the vascular walls, counteracting the edematous and inflammatory processes. The leucocyanidins are powerful anti-oxidant that combat the effect of the free-radicals. They have an affinity with the collagen that preserve from aging and contribute to create. For these reasons they improve the elasticity of the connective tissue, the permeability of the capillary and the integrity of vascular walls.

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  1. Libervene

    Heavy legs and hemorrhoids.

    Libervene, a natural remedy that improves microcirculation and helps in case of heavy legs, hemorrhoids and general circulatory problems. A natural supplement that helps to keep blood vessels and capillary intact. Thanks to its vessel-protective effect, it strengthens tissue’s connective fibers and increases elasticity and resistance of the blood vessels. Libervene also combats water retention with a draining, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect.

    Pennywort, Red Grape and Blueberry are useful for the correct function of the microcirculation and against tired and heavy legs. Sweet clover and Witch-Hazel are useful for the correct function of blood flow and of hemorrhoidal plexus.

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  2. Dir - Fitoterapia e rimedi naturali




    Dir  is a natural remedy that stimulates the diuretic  function in the human body. It facilitates the draining of liquids.

    Couch Grass, Common Hawkweed, Meadowsweet, Horsetail and Burdock to drain the liquids from the body.

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  3. Fucoben -  Fitoterapia e rimedi naturali

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    Treatment of cellulite 

    Fucoben is a natural remedy that helps fighting against cellulite, facilitates the microcirculation and has draining effects. It strengthens the tissues acting on collagen.

    Indian pennywort and Pineapple against cellulite. Fucus to re-balance body weight. Hawkweed, Melilot and Pineapple drain liquids. Butcher’s broom, Melilot, Red grape, Gingko biloba, Pineapple, Indian pennywort, Blueberry for the functionality of microcirculation.

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  4. Libervene crema-gel gambe

    Cream-gel for heavy and tired legs.
    With Pennywort, Witch-hazel, Butcher broom, Red Grape, Escin and Menthol. Useful for microcirculation, it reduces swelling and gives a sense of freshness, it improves the elasticity of the skin and combats against capillary fragility.

    Natural cosmetic without parabens, GMO and colorants.
    Final product not tested on animals.

    To obtain a better effect, use it together with LIBERVENE, a natural supplement that improves microcirculation and helps in case of heavy legs.

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