Wild yam (Igname selvatico)

The Wild yam is also known as Dioscorea. Its roots contain a steroidal saponin, the diosgenin, that favors the synthesis of the steroid hormones. It is useful to harmonize the hormonal balance, against sexual asthenia and to prevent damage due to aging. It is a natural source of DHEA, that is a substance with an important role in maintaining biological and organic vitality.


Sexual asthenia - man and woman

Esseben is a natural remedy whose tonic and invigorating components make it indicated in cases of sexual asthenia. Useful for men but also for women.
Natural supplement indicated especially in cases of decreased libido and sexual asthenia. Decreases both physical and psychological fatigue.

Puncture vine, Ginseng, Damiana and Muira puama are tonics for physical and mental weariness. Wild yam for hormonal balance. Taurine for muscular efficiency.

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Menopause, before and after

Natural remedy whose components act favorably on menopause disorders.
Menomin is a natural supplement whose active ingredients help to counteract pre/post and menopause disorders. They help to relieve physical and psychophysical problems that give consequences such as nervousness and mood changes, loss of minerals and osteoporosis, fatigue, insomnia and flushing. Prolonged use prevents these problems, due to hormonal deficiency.

Wild Yam and Soy to contrast menopause problems. Hops and Hawthorn to facilitate relax and mental wellbeing. Horsetail is re-mineralizing. With Chest tree.

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