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Every month many promotions studied for you and your needs.
THIS MONTH'S DISCOUNTS: diet and weight control, cellulite, hair well-being and hair loss treatment, high blood sugar level, stress and stress eating, heavy legs and cholesterol!

Always keep an eye on this page in order not to lose promotions on your favorite products.

In addition to the PROMOTIONS: FREE shipping if you spend at least €29, 10% discount if you spend at least €50.

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  1. Scatola regalo

    Stylish GIFT BOX made of ECOLOGICAL CARDBOARD: the ideal package for your presents.

    Printed on three sides: Fitoben Logo, message “Auguri da Fitoben”, website

    External dimensions: 20.7 x 15.6 x 9.1 cm
    Internal dimensions: 19.6 x 15.1 x 8.6 cm

    It can store a maximum of 5-6 standard vials or 3 tall vials (for ex. Syrups, Clafos, Camelina or 150 ml cosmetics).

    The box will be already assembled when delivered.
    *decorative ribbon not included

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  2. Garcinia cambogia - Fitoterapia e rimedi naturali

    Regular Price: 18.50

    Special Price 16.00

    Weight control

    A natural remedy that works positively on the metabolism of lipids and on hunger control. Useful to control body weight.

    Garcinia is useful to combat overweight, and, thanks to its high concentration of hydroxycitrate that reduces the production of cholesterol and triglycerides, it helps to dissolve the deposits of fat and stimulates the sense of satiety.

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  3. Termorosa - Fitoterapia e rimedi naturali

    Regular Price: 25.00

    Special Price 22.50

    Thermogenesis and activation of the metabolism

    Termorosa  is a natural remedy that stimulates the metabolism, increasing the thermogenesis and favoring the burning of fats from the adipose tissue. It is a natural food supplement that favors the growth of the lean body mass and provides higher levels of energy.

    Citrus, Fucus and Guarana stimulate the metabolism of lipid. Coleus, Wakame, Citrus, Fucus and Guarana help to balance body weight. The chromium contributes to the normal metabolism of macronutrients.

    FREE shipping if you spend 29 €
    If you reach 50 € you get another 10% off

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    Regular Price: 28.00

    Special Price 25.00


    A rich cream-gel aimed at reducing cellulite. It get absorbed fast.
    The formulation is boosted with Renovenzyme®PB that act by breaking the unusual collagen storage situated near the fat cells responsible of cellulite lumps and of orange peel. It improves the appearance of the skin by smoothing it, reinforcing the fibers and activating the lymphatic draining.

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  5. Fucoben -  Fitoterapia e rimedi naturali

    Regular Price: 28.50

    Special Price 25.00

    Treatment of cellulite 

    Fucoben is a natural remedy that helps fighting against cellulite, facilitates the microcirculation and has draining effects. It strengthens the tissues acting on collagen.

    Indian pennywort and Pineapple against cellulite. Fucus to re-balance body weight. Hawkweed, Melilot and Pineapple drain liquids. Butcher’s broom, Melilot, Red grape, Gingko biloba, Pineapple, Indian pennywort, Blueberry for the functionality of microcirculation.

    FREE shipping if you spend 29 €
    If you buy 2, you reach 50 € and get another 10% off

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  6. Promo Griffonia - stress e fame nervosa

    Regular Price: 37.00

    Special Price 33.30

    To treat stress, sleep and mood, a bundle that includes:

    packs of Griffonia®, natural food supplement that favors the maintenance of a normal mood, relaxation and mental health. Griffonia® equilibrates sleep and improves the control of the sense of hunger.

    The bundle is in promotion at 10% off for a total value of 33.30 euro instead of 37 euro. 
    Remember that if you buy two bundles or add other products for a total value of at least 50 €, you will immediately have EXTRA 10% OFF

    Take advantage now!


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