Phytotherapy or treatment with medicinal herbs, is one of the oldest medical sciences in the world, a millenary therapeutic practice that uses active principles of plants.

It is an ancient form of treatment, spontaneously used by people and passed down through the generations. It was improved by the monks and still persisting nowadays.
In the second half of the 19th century there was a decrease in the use of this practice, caused by the growth of synthetic medicine. In recent times, thanks to the rediscovery of ancient and natural traditions, there was an increase of interest in phytotherapy and in the “alternative medicine”. There are many cases in which phytotherapy can represent, also on its own, an effective support both on a preventive and on a conclusive stage, with the advantage of having less collateral effects and contraindications than traditional chemical medicine. Today the way of using natural remedies or medicinal plants has changed:  the development of scientific research allowed the production of standardized plant extracts with a constant and guaranteed concentration of active principles, for a better guarantee of effectiveness and quality.


Phyto integration is the word we choose to represent Fitoben mission starting from the first preparations made by Doctor Benassi. Our philosophy relies on simple but important principles:

  • It is necessary to safeguard the health and wellbeing and to regulate our own physical and mental balance because contemporary life is very stressful, too fast but also too sedentary.
  • Allopathic medicine, deriving from the chemical synthesis of ingredients, does not solve illnesses often but could cause collateral effects from which other cures are needed.

For these reasons we think that health and wellbeing can be obtained preventing and curing problems and diseases through a healthy life, a balanced diet but also and above all with the help of phytotherapy.

Fitoben choose to create completely natural products that take action on the whole person to bring you back to a balanced condition, removing and preventing several problems such as a sedentary and stressed life, wrong and irregular diet, which is typical of modern life.

Between Tradition and innovation

With the urge to follow Anselmo Benassi’s lead, Fitoben products preserve these basic characteristics:

  • The exploitation of the properties of a combination of plants. In supplements with two or more medicinal plants you will have a more comprehensive and effective action and, above all, the synergy and complementarity between all of their components.
  • The balancing of effects: each product is made of complementary plants that balance the effects of the main ones, permitting the maintenance of physical and mental balance. (For example, Lipoben, a weight-loss supplement, was created to give you a sense of satiety and to speed your metabolism but, at the same time, to replace the loss of nutrients caused by dietary restrictions).

It is therefore necessary that our clients can be sure about the origins of raw materials and their manufacturing. Above all, you need to be sure these materials are easy to use and effective. We can say our  goal is the best quality!

All our supplements are made of standardized extracts that have a guaranteed concentration of active principle and have a standardized effectiveness