Wellbeing guarantee means that Fitoben assures a high-quality standard for the whole production process: from raw materials selection to manufacture in the factory, till production and packaging.

Fitoben makes supplements with standardized herbal extracts that have a specific amount of guaranteed components and that keep a standardized effectiveness. With the purpose of respecting the phytotherapic tradition, we do not use the single active principle extracted from the plant, but the Phyto complex that is the harmonic union of all the substances contained in the medicinal herb itself.

Following the tradition started by Doctor Benassi, Fitoben always looks for the best extracts using highly qualified suppliers that assure quality and continuity.

The production of the whole range of supplements takes place in the factory in Milan with the authorization of the Ministry of Health.

The whole production process takes place at the factory, starting from the study of the formulations of every single natural remedy and with the research for the best raw materials, concluding with tests and final packaging. Everything takes place respecting HACCP, a system of hygienic self-checking with the purpose of protecting buyers’ health.

The manufacturing machineries are semi-automatic: they enable a better control in manufacturing the dry extract using a high amount of it.

Supplements are all sold in capsules or in syrups. An encapsulated supplement is usually made without, or with a small amount, of excipients and so it is purer and less artificial than tablets. Capsules are made of 100% vegetal gelatin. All capsule and syrup supplements are without additives, artificial coloring or artificial flavoring, they are of plant origin and without GMO. Syrups are fructose based and do not contain any refined sugar.

The presence of allergenic substances (as gluten, lactose or soy) is clearly indicated on the label, on the container and on website specifications. The suitability for coeliac or people with strong allergies or intolerances to certain ingredients cannot be guaranteed.

If you have any question, please contact Fitoben at info@fitoben.it, call 0039022567136 or find us on social networks.