Blood pressure and circulation

A good blood circulation is a continuous blood flow from the heart to the extremities of the body. If this fundamental biological function of the blood flow is hindered the result is a bad flow. The natural remedies and the natural medicine commonly used in cardiology can help to cure the symptoms of bad flow and facilitate the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system. To improve the elasticity and tonicity of the cardiovascular system, it is necessary to add some food to your diet that, thanks to the high content of vitamins C, PP and K improves the metabolism of the connective tissues and maintains the blood fluid. For example, raspberries, mulberries and blueberries tone the venous walls, the capillary and the heart, tomatoes and peppers give the correct amount of minerals and anti-oxidants. Beverages such as green tea or black tea lower the cholesterol levels in the blood. For those who suffer from hypertension, that is high blood pressure, three aspects are fundamental: diet, physical activity and therapy. Only those who change their lifestyle can succeed in controlling high blood pressure.



High blood pressure

Aglio composto is a natural remedy that act as a help to maintain the blood pressure inside its physiological values.
Natural supplement that helps in keeping low cholesterol and lipids levels.

Garlic, Hawthorn and Olive tree facilitate the regularity of blood pressure and the regular function of the cardiovascular system. Garlic for triglyceride and cholesterol metabolism.



Dir  is a natural remedy that stimulates the diuretic  function in the human body. It facilitates the draining of liquids.

Couch Grass, Common Hawkweed, Meadowsweet, Horsetail and Burdock to drain the liquids from the body.


Memory and circulation.

Natural remedy that improves blood circulation and microcirculation. Ginkgo biloba is a natural supplement with anti-oxidant effect, it contributes to a good maintenance of memory and cognitive function.


Heavy legs and hemorrhoids.

Libervene, a natural remedy that improves microcirculation and helps in case of heavy legs, hemorrhoids and general circulatory problems. A natural supplement that helps to keep blood vessels and capillary intact. Thanks to its vessel-protective effect, it strengthens tissue’s connective fibers and increases elasticity and resistance of the blood vessels. Libervene also combats water retention with a draining, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect.

Pennywort, Red Grape and Blueberry are useful for the correct function of the microcirculation and against tired and heavy legs. Sweet clover and Witch-Hazel are useful for the correct function of blood flow and of hemorrhoidal plexus.


Cream-gel for heavy and tired legs.
With Pennywort, Witch-hazel, Butcher broom, Red Grape, Escin and Menthol. Useful for microcirculation, it reduces swelling and gives a sense of freshness, it improves the elasticity of the skin and combats against capillary fragility.

Natural cosmetic without parabens, GMO and colorants.
Final product not tested on animals.

To obtain a better effect, use it together with LIBERVENE, a natural supplement that improves microcirculation and helps in case of heavy legs.


Circulation and eye-health

Useful for improving microcirculation and against heavy legs. Useful for eye-health and as an anti-oxidant.

Mirtillo nero has anti-oxidant effects against free radicals damages, it protects the blood vessels, augment the tone and the elasticity of vessel walls and of the capillary.
It improves vision and night vision.

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