The cellulite is a skin problem that mainly affects women. It becomes evident when you see the characteristic “orange peel” skin, and get worse if neglected, but behind this skin problem there is even more.
The causes of cellulite can be several, from a matter of genetics to bad venous/lymphatic circulation, a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet. However, one of the main causes is the estrogen level (female sex hormones), and this is the reason why women are prone to this skin problem. The estrogen, can promote water retention, contributing to an increase of the “granular” appearance of the skin. We notice it during particular periods of our life, when we have a hormonal imbalance, such as during the days before the period, during the menopause or pregnancy.  
The most typical body parts affected by this problem are the thighs, hips, glutes and lower limb. It can occur in stages, from mild and reversible with the characteristic accumulation of fluids, to more serious advanced and painful stages also developing fibrous lumps, that are difficult to remove. Action must be taken against cellulite globally, not only on a single front. It is, therefore, necessary to work on the metabolism, drainage, circulation and strengthen tissues and collagen.  
Nature can help us with great natural remedies to fight against cellulite. The combination of natural supplements and cosmetic products specific for massages could be a winning option.



Cellulite and digestion

Pineapple is a natural remedy that counteracts cellulite inestetsms and facilitates digestion. Supplement that promotes the drainage of body fluids and the functionality of the microcirculation.

Pineapple is a tropical plant famous as a fruit but especially for the properties of its stem. The pineapple stem is very rich in bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme that facilitates the digestion of proteins.

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Treatment of cellulite

Fucoben is a natural remedy whose components act favorably against cellulite inestetisms, facilitate the functionality of the microcirculation and have draining action. They also strengthen the tissues by acting on collagen.

Natural supplement that fights water retention, with a draining, anti-inflammatory and anti-edemic effect. It helps to keep blood vessels and capillaries intact, with a vasoprotective action. It also strengthens the connective fibers of the tissues and facilitates the formation of collagen. Finally, it activates the metabolism by promoting the melting of fats from adipose tissue and the elimination of waste from the body.

Indian pennywort and Pineapple against cellulite. Fucus to re-balance body weight. Hawkweed, Sweet clover and Pineapple drain liquids. Butcher’s broom, Sweet clover, Red grape, Gingko biloba, Pineapple, Indian pennywort, Blueberry for the functionality of microcirculation.

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Draining and cleansing

Idroben is a natural remedy whose components promote the drainage of fluids and the purification of the liver and kidneys.

Idroben is a natural supplement that facilitates the elimination of waste from the body, especially from the liver and kidneys. The active ingredients contained have a purifying, detoxifying and draining action, are particularly suitable for people who have an irregular diet or for those who want to eliminate waste and toxins accumulated in the body.

Dandelion, Hawkweed, Orthosiphon, Burdock and Spiny Restharrow for the draining of liquids. Dandelion and Burdock have cleansing functions. Dandelion and Spiny restharrow for the functionality of liver.

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A rich cream-gel aimed at reducing cellulite. It get absorbed fast.
The formulation is boosted with Liporeductyl® that facilitate the melting of fats and improve circulation and microcirculation. It improves the appearance of the skin by smoothing it, reinforcing the fibers and activating the lymphatic draining.