Butcher’s broom (Rusco)

The butcher’s broom contains a type of flavonoid, the ruscogenin, that has a protective effect on the blood vessels. It is a powerful vasoconstrictor, effective on both capillary and venous disorders. Moreover, it has an anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effect. It is useful in case of water retention and to improve circulation.


Treatment of cellulite

Fucoben is a natural remedy whose components act favorably against cellulite inestetisms, facilitate the functionality of the microcirculation and have draining action. They also strengthen the tissues by acting on collagen.

Natural supplement that fights water retention, with a draining, anti-inflammatory and anti-edemic effect. It helps to keep blood vessels and capillaries intact, with a vasoprotective action. It also strengthens the connective fibers of the tissues and facilitates the formation of collagen. Finally, it activates the metabolism by promoting the melting of fats from adipose tissue and the elimination of waste from the body.

Indian pennywort and Pineapple against cellulite. Fucus to re-balance body weight. Hawkweed, Sweet clover and Pineapple drain liquids. Butcher’s broom, Sweet clover, Red grape, Gingko biloba, Pineapple, Indian pennywort, Blueberry for the functionality of microcirculation.

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Draining and cleansing

Idroben is a natural remedy whose components promote the drainage of fluids and the purification of the liver and kidneys.

Idroben is a natural supplement that facilitates the elimination of waste from the body, especially from the liver and kidneys. The active ingredients contained have a purifying, detoxifying and draining action, are particularly suitable for people who have an irregular diet or for those who want to eliminate waste and toxins accumulated in the body.

Dandelion, Hawkweed, Orthosiphon, Burdock and Spiny Restharrow for the draining of liquids. Dandelion and Burdock have cleansing functions. Dandelion and Spiny restharrow for the functionality of liver.

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The promotion consists of TWO LIBERVENE vials: natural remedy that helps in case of heavy and tired legs. It improves microcirculation, venous circulation and increases elasticity and resistance of the blood vessels.

By purchasing the bundle you will get one LIBERVENE LEGS CREAM-GEL for free (150ml): it is a cream-gel for heavy and tired legs containing active principles with anti-infiammatory effect and that help microcirculation and donate relief and freshness to the legs. It also has a vessel-protective effect and combats vessel fragility. The cream is worth €19

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