Cure and prevention of allergies

Allergies affect at least 20% of the population, creating big problems in everyday life. Therapies are long and hard, sometimes they cause hideous side effects and difficulties in everyday life. The effects of the allergies could be limited with several precautions, as several are the types of allergies: constant cleaning of the house, avoid places where grass bloom, and so on. The natural remedies for allergies help to eliminate, or in the most severe cases, to limit the effects such as allergic rhinitis, allergic cough, sinusitis, allergic asthma.



Cure and prevention of allergies

Istaben is a natural remedy that contributes to relief allergic symptomatology.
A natural food supplement that limits the allergy effects, such as rhinitis, conjunctivitis, asthma. Suitable for all kinds of allergies.

It doesn't cause sleepiness.

Long pepper adaptogen. Picrorhiza favors the fluidity of bronchial secretions. Large Plantain for the functionality of the upper respiratory tract and of the mucous of the respiratory system. It has a soothing and calming effect on the oropharyngeal mucous.

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Un pacchetto di rimedi naturali per la cura e la prevenzione delle allergie che comprende:

2 confezioni di Istaben, integratore alimentare naturale che contribuisce ad alleviare la sintomatologia allergica.
Istaben allevia i disturbi di tipo allergico come riniti, congiuntiviti, asma. Indicato per tutti i tipi di  allergie.

Non induce sonnolenza.

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Cold, flu and sore throat

A natural remedy for the health of nose and throat. Useful for the functionality of joints. It is useful to drain the liquids from the body and it helps the functionality of the urinary tract.

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Inflammation, pain and joints

Uncaria tomentosa is a natural remedy useful for the physiological functions of the joints. It contributes to the maintenance of the body’s natural defenses.

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