Eye health

The eyes are our window to the world. When they are not working properly, mainly because of tiredness or of the age, in addition to a diet rich in carotenes, anthocyanosides and food rich in vitamins A and E, a supplement for the eyes could be necessary.



Eye health


Benoftal  is a natural remedy whose components are useful for the well-being of the eye. It is a natural food supplement that improves eyesight  and protects ocular tissues.

Blueberry for eye health. Vitamin A and B2 to maintain normal visual capacity. Rosehip and Ginkgo antioxidants.
With lutein titrated 20% and zeaxanthin titrated 50% extracted from English Marigold .

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Circulation and eye-health

Natural remedy that promotes the functionality of the microcirculation and against the heaviness of the legs. Natural supplement useful for the well-being of sight and as an antioxidant.

Blueberry has an antioxidant action against the damage of free radicals, protects blood vessels, increases the tone and elasticity of the vasal walls and capillaries.

Improves vision and night vision.

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