Menstrual cycle and menopause

Women, because of their complex nature, have different physiological manifestations that, even if they are completely normal and natural, can lead to need natural remedies supplementation. The menstrual cycle can be abundant or scarce or painful and irregular, inconvenient that are typical of young women, but not only of them. The loss of hormonal balance in the menstrual cycle and the correlated symptoms can be solved with the help of certain plants (see Agnocasto or Ciclomin that combats also pain and dysmenorrhea). Pre-menopause and menopause will lead to crucial hormonal changes with all their consequences, (osteoporosis, nervousness, depression, hot flashes, sweating, hair loss, dry skin). A supplementation with natural remedies helps to improve the overall situation and to reintegrate the lost nutrients (see Menomin). 



Menstrual cycle

Agnocasto is a natural supplement that contrast menstrual cycle problems. It is a natural remedy also for the premenstrual syndrome.

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Menstrual cycle

Ciclomin is a natural remedy that improves wellbeing during menstrual cycle. It is a natural supplement that contrasts menstrual cycle problems.

Chaste tree and Yarrow to contrast menstrual cycle problems. Boswellia to contrast localized states of tension. Lemon balm and Chamomile to relax and to improve mental wellbeing.


- Adaptation of the new ministerial dosage -
Bones and calcium
Prevention of osteoporosis, it is against the loss of bone mass
and skeletal fragility. KD Osteo™. Suitable for men and for women, starting from menopause, and also for all those at risk.

KD Osteo™ natural remedy with natural D3 Vitamin, natural K2 Vitamin, Boron and Horsetail.
D3 and K2 vitamins are completely natural for a full-on action on the bones. 
D3 vitamin = 2000 IU

D and K vitamins contribute to normal bone maintenance. Vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus and to the maintenance of normal levels of calcium in the blood.

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If you spend 100 € you get 10% off


Menopause, before and after

Natural remedy against menopause problems. The active principles in Menomin, natural supplement, help to reduce menopause problems and to alleviate the consequences such as nervousness, mood swings, mineral loss, tiredness and hot flashes.

Wild Yam and Soy to contrast menopause problems. Hops and Hawthorn to facilitate relax and mental wellbeing. Horsetail is re-mineralizing.

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