Sexual asthenia

During certain periods of life, a loss of libido is normal. Sexual asthenia tends to occur in mature adults, men and women, but also at a young age. Sexual asthenia is frequently a physiological illness and it can be helped with supplements.



Sexual asthenia - man and woman

Esseben is a natural remedy whose tonic and invigorating components make it indicated in cases of sexual asthenia. Useful for men but also for women.
Natural supplement indicated especially in cases of decreased libido and sexual asthenia. Decreases both physical and psychological fatigue.

Puncture vine, Ginseng, Damiana and Muira puama are tonics for physical and mental weariness. Wild yam for hormonal balance. Taurine for muscular efficiency.

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Sexual asthenia-tonic

Natural and tonic remedy that helps to decrease physical and mental weariness. It supports the metabolism and has a tonic action.

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