Devil’s claw (Artiglio del diavolo)

It is a perennial herbaceous plant with fleshy tuberous roots. It grows on clay and sandy soils of South Africa, especially in the Kalahari desert.
In phytotherapy are used secondary roots that contain iridoid glucosides such as arpagoside, flavonoids, organic acids, phytosterols and triterpenes. It has anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, anti-logistic and analgesic properties , documented by several studies.
It works by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins, in particular the formation of leukotrienes, mediators responsible for inflammation and pain. It also has an antioxidant effect, characterized by the ability to increase the levels of antioxidant enzymes, such as catalase, glutathione and superoxydodismutase, which lead to a reduction of free radicals. It also inhibits the enzyme inos, responsible for the formation of nitrogen monoxide, a highly reactive free radical. Since those suffering from inflammatory disorders often have an impairment of antioxidant enzymes and an excess of free radicals, this aspect can also help to improve the anti-inflammatory effects.
The anti-inflammatory and analgesic efficacy, in particular in the treatment of acute and subacute inflammation, and in support of chronic and degenerative inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as osteoarthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism or low back pain, has been studied in numerous in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies, which have recorded a decrease in pain and stiffness, and improved motility in a variety of musculoskeletal disorders.
The devil’s claw, although used for long periods, has shown no side effects.


Inflammation, pain and joints

Artiglio del diavolo is a natural food supplement helpful for the physiological function of joints. It doesn’t upset the stomach. A natural remedy for arthrosis  and arthritis. It decreases painful symptoms.

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Inflammation, pain and joint

Artoben  is a natural remedy helpful for joint pain and inflammation. A natural food supplement for the physiological function of joints and cartilage. It doesn’t upset the stomach.

Devil’s claw, Boswellia, Blackcurrant and Meadowsweet are helpful for the function of joint.

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