Psyllium (Psillio)

The psyllium, whose seed’s cuticles are used in phytotherapy, is rich in mucilage, that, in contact with water, swells up, creating a non-digestible gel. Thereby, it increases the intestinal mass smoothing the feces, facilitating the intestinal transit and the evacuation without irritation.


A pack of natural remedies for the well-functioning of the intestine, our second brain, that includes: 1 vial of Psillio Malva and 2 vials of Floriben. The synergy of the two of the two supplements helps the intestine working correctly and maintains the quality of the gut flora intact and balanced. This situation is extremely important for the regularity of the intestine and in order to prevent constipation and diarrhea, to correctly assimilate and digest food, to eliminate toxins and reinforce the immune system.

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Lazy bowel

Psillio Malva is a natural remedy that gently stimulates the bowel, facilitating the evacuation without irritation. A natural food supplement naturally rich in mucilage  that smooths the feces and reduces gastrointestinal inflammations.
It is suitable also for children, elderly and pregnant women.

Psyllium and Mallow promote the regularity of intestinal transit. Mallow helps maintain the normal volume and consistency of stool.

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