Lactit starters (Fermenti lattici)

Lactic starter is the common name used to identify the micro-organisms (lactic bacteria) that can metabolize lactose.
They are very useful for humans because they can interact positively with the intestinal flora, counteracting pathogenic micro-organisms where there is an imbalance.

– Lactobacillus sporogenes or coagulans: they are active spores that produce lactic acid. The spores are micro-encapsulated, heat resistant, they survive to the stomach acids and biliary salts and reach the intestine intact. Here, in about two hours, the time needed for gastric emptying in fasted subjects, the spores germinate and turn into alive cells. The spores are active in the whole intestinal tract, duodenum, jejunum and ileus. They produce L-lactic acid and counteract the growth of pathogenic bacteria; they have a probiotic effect, favoring the production of vitamins and the assimilation of nutrients such as calcium, iron and phosphorus. They improve digestion, through proteolysis and lipolysis and the conversion of lactose into lactic acid and therefore the digestion of milk and dairy products; they control fermentation products such as ammonia or toxins.

– The lactobacillus acidophilus helps to normalize the bacterial flora. Thousands of different bacteria, the “bacterial flora” live in the intestine. They have several important functions, such as the production of vitamins of the B complex, vitamin H, pantothenic acid and folic acid. Imbalances between endogenous bacteria can have several causes and typical manifestations of the abnormal intestinal function are diarrhea and constipation. When these problems are prolonged, vitamin deficiencies and nutrient malabsorption may occur. The intake of lactobacillus acidophilus helps to bring back the normal functioning of the intestinal bacterial flora. It counteracts pathogenic micro-organisms, favors the normal intestinal function and boosts the immune system.


Intestinal gases and digestion

Carboflat is a natural remedy that facilitates digestion and the elimination of air in the intestine. 

Charcoal, Fennel and Chamomile facilitate the digestion and the elimination of air in the intestine. The Papain is a proteolytic enzyme that favors digestion and hinder the fermentation of proteins. Lactobacillus sporogenes facilitates the normalization of the bacterial flora in the intestine.

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Cystitis - urinary trait infections

Cistomin, natural remedy whose components counteract cystitis and urinary tract inflammation.
Cistomin is a natural supplement against the disorders of acute and recurrent cystitis. Cure and prevents relapses. For men and women.
Thanks to the activity of its natural active ingredients, it disinfects the urinary tract, facilitates the expulsion of bacteria and counteracts the adhesion to the mucous membranes of the urinary tract, promotes diuresis for the elimination of bacteria and restores the intestinal and vaginal microflora.

Cranberry and Bearberry for the correct function of the urinary tract. Grapefruit and Restharrow for the draining of the liquids. Lactobacillus sporogenes for rebalancing the intestinal flora.
With D-mannose that facilitates the expulsion of bacteria through the urine.

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Probiotics - Ferments

Floriben is a natural remedy specific for the re-balancing of the intestinal bacterial flora. A natural supplement made with Lactospore® lactobacillus in micro-encapsulated spores that are heat-resistant, stomach acids-resistant and bile salts-resistant, so they can reach the intestine intact.
LACTOSPORE® is naturally lactose-free, it is not a milk product derived supplement.

Each capsule has 2 billion of active probiotic spores.
It is not necessary to store the product in the fridge.

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Probiotics and acne

Lactovit is a natural remedy useful for the health of the skin and for the repairing of tissues. Natural food supplement useful to treat acne and furunculosis.

With lactic fermenting agents. Each capsule contains 1 billion of active fermenting agents.

The active principles contain Lactic starters, Brewer’s yeast and Burdock for skin health, Horsetail for the repairing of tissues and Rosehip as a tonic

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Strong hair and nails, trophism of connective tissue

Trimin is a natural supplement that strengthens hair and nails improving the appearance of the skin. It is ideal during seasonal changes.
Natural remedy rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, Millet and Horsetail that are good for healthy hair and nails and for trophism of connective tissue.

With Methionine and Cystine, Vitamins and Minerals. Horsetail for the skin nourishment. Millet and Horsetail for healthy hair and nails.

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