Brewer’s yeast (Lievito di birra)

The brewer’s yeast is derived from a mycete called saccharomyces cerevisiae, a micro-organism used also for beer production or in bread rising. It is rich in nutritive principles, such as vitamins of the B group, mineral salts and beta-glucans. It stimulates the body’s natural defenses, improves the functionality of the skin and of skin appendages, such as hair and nails. It improves the functionality of the intestine.


Probiotics and acne

Lactovit is a natural remedy useful for the health of the skin and for the repairing of tissues. Natural food supplement useful to treat acne and furunculosis.

With lactic fermenting agents. Each capsule contains 1 billion of active fermenting agents.

The active principles contain Lactic starters, Brewer’s yeast and Burdock for skin health, Horsetail for the repairing of tissues and Rosehip as a tonic

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Weight control

Lipoben  is a natural remedy whose components are useful for body weight control. It induces the sense of satiety by attenuating the sense of hunger, activates the metabolism, drains, purifies and decreases the absorption of fats and sugars.
Natural supplement that also provides vitamins and minerals that may be scarce in a low-calorie diet.

Fucus, Guggul, Guarana and Artichoke for the metabolism of lipid. Glucomannan, Fucus, Guggul and Guarana to balance body weight. Couchgrass, Artichoke to cleanse the body. Couchgrass and Pineapple to drain the liquids. Artichoke and Pineapple for the digestive function.

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